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Unlocking Forest Finance Partnership

Investing in a transition to sustainable landscapes as a strategy for the environment, the people and the economy.

Publication Type: Briefing Note

Date of Publication: November 2015

Organizations: Global Canopy Programme

The Unlocking Forest Finance (UFF) project aims to catalyse the creation of financial mechanisms, operating at the scale of subnational regions (e.g. states), to stop the conversion of tropical forest to produce commodities, and to transition towards sustainable modes of development. These mechanisms would incorporate supply chain, conservation and livelihood considerations in an integrated way, and would have the capacity to generate the required scale of investment by using public funds to leverage private capital. They would channel investment towards a range of qualifying activities e.g. projects that alleviate the pressure to deforest, restore degraded land, promote more sustainable management systems, conserve forests and improve rural livelihoods.

The UFF project is working in three case study areas in which regional governments are actively pursuing innovative mechanisms that aim to slow deforestation and protect surrounding ecosystems. These regions are: Acre, Brazil; Mato Grasso, Brazil; and San Martín, Peru.

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