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Request for Proposal: Roundtable on Green Deal for Europe

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Roundtable on Green Deal for Europe

This request for proposal (RFP) is an invitation to submit proposals for the provision of consultancy services in relation to a series of roundtable discussions and position papers on forthcoming European Commission regulation, the Green Deal for Europe.

The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals from suppliers with expertise in tropical deforestation issues and European Policy with a view to meeting high-quality requirements and project objectives established by the Forum. This process will result in the selection of one supplier, who will be invited to enter a contracting phase for a specific and detailed scope of work subject to final fixed pricing.

The selected vendor will set up a series of roundtable discussions under the banner of the Tropical Forest Alliance. The aim will be to gather feedback and input for the forthcoming European Commission regulation, the Green Deal for Europe, with a targeted approach on its deforestation element.

Discussions will be held with multiple stakeholders but with a specific focus on the private sector perspective regarding potential regulation. Feedback arising from the roundtables will then be built into position papers on EU regulation on deforestation. The timeline should be mindful of European Commission milestones and plans.  The Tropical Forest Alliance is looking for innovative ideas and technical competence to help shape and drive this effort.

For more information, kindly access the documents below.

EU Roundtable RFP

EU Roundtable RFP Capacity Questionaire

EU Roundtable Discussion RFP Q&A

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