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Supporting jurisdictional leadership report

Supporting jurisdictional leadership in net zero deforestation through sustainable value chains

Type of Publication: Research Report

Date of Publication: March 2017

Organizations: Tropical Forest Alliance 2020, put together by AlphaBeta 

The tropical deforestation challenge is currently at a critical juncture. On the positive side, the Paris Climate Conference COP21 led to a number of ambitious forest-related pledges from governments, donors, and private sector companies. There are also several sub-national governments who have developed ambitious programs for reducing deforestation and carbon emissions. On the negative side, there is still a perception that reduced deforestation efforts are incompatible with efforts to promote economic growth in forest-rich regions. This perception, combined with many institutional challenges in these tropical forest-rich countries, has meant that progress has been uneven and slower than otherwise would have been hoped.

The goal of this research effort is to address these gaps by examining the state of jurisdictional initiatives, and of the opportunity they offer for the partners of TFA 2020 in supporting the transition to sustainable production of key forest risk commodities (such as palm oil, soy, beef, paper and pulp, cocoa, and rubber).



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