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Emerging Market Consumers and Deforestation: Risks and Opportunities of growing demand

Emerging markets, with their rapidly growing consumer class, play a crucial role in the global effort to remove deforestation from palm oil, beef, soy, and pulp and paper. The fight against tropical deforestation would gain significant momentum if major emerging market importers, such as India and China, and major emerging market producer-consumers, such as Indonesia and Brazil, were to buy more commodities from sustainable sources.

This document presents new, compelling estimates on how the current and future demand for commodities in emerging markets might spur deforestation. While this consumption growth would represent tremendous progress in socioeconomic development in these countries, it could spell an environmental disaster if not supported by sustainable sourcing of goods. Not only that, it could pose significant challenges to food security and firm competitiveness in these emerging markets.

The results reinforce the importance of engaging these countries to achieve change. The report takes a detailed look at the situation in China given the country’s importance for the global commodity demand outlook.

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