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A “Commodity-First” Approach To Identifying Landscapes For Private Sector Engagement

This research seeks to address the information gap by taking a “commodity-first” approach to identify commodity-driven deforestation hotspots that are relevant for private sector. Understanding that supply chain actors will likely only engage with geographies in their direct supply chain whereas a “commodity-first” approach focuses on commodity production first.

The analysis then utilises recent data on the drivers of deforestation to identify landscapes where high levels of production have led to high levels of deforestation. It hence provides an additional lens to identify key landscapes where supply chain companies can make truly critical interventions to tackle deforestation. As such, it is complementary and seeks to build bridges between existing supply chain action from private sector and the methods deployed by civil society actors to prioritise regions to focus their efforts. This report was prepared by TFA with analytical support from AlphaBeta, a strategy and economics consulting firm. All information in this report is derived from AlphaBeta analysis using publicly available data.

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