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Cargill’s latest quarterly Sustainable Palm Oil Progress Update

Type of Publication: Progress Report

Date of Publication: September 2016

Organizations: Cargill

Latest Sustainable Palm Oil progress report . Key messages:

  • We achieved nearly 100% traceability to mill for key markets. Global combined traceability to mill is 90% (100% for kernel and 88% for palm) for all the palm we ship.
  •  We measured the level of transformation in our various supply chains by considering a supplier’s involvement in transformation plans such as the Aggregator/Refiner Transformation (ART) plan or Proforest supplier programs, whether they supply certified RSPO Segregated products, and have a credible responsible sourcing policy such as the No Deforestation, Peat and Exploitation policy.
  • We completed mill risk assessments and assigned mill priority risk levels with Global Forest Watch Commodities’ PALM Risk Tool for 634 mills in our 2016 supply chain. This will assist us in tailoring our supplier monitoring and engagement programs.
  • We completed a pilot integrated HCV-HCS assessment with Hargy Oil Palms Limited in Papua New Guinea that will inform the ongoing HCS Approach and HCS+ convergence process, in which we remain actively engaged.
  • We participated in Daemeter’s pilot case study on the “Cost of social conflicts in Indonesia’s palm oil sector”, which quantitatively assesses the financial impact of social conflicts on palm oil stakeholders.

More information can be found on the Cargill website here.

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