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Forest Stewardship Council


Two decades of certifying sustainable forest management

In the last 20 years, FSC certification has become a globally recognized tool for promoting sustainable forest management. Its widespread international success rests on more than two decades of work with foresters, the processing industry, and environmental and social organizations. By April 2016, more than 188 million hectares of natural, semi-natural and plantation forests – in 81 countries – were FSC certified. We estimate that these forests produce almost 17 per cent of all industrial roundwood harvested in the world.

Mobilization of market actors – both retailers and consumers – has also been an important part of FSC’s success. Companies, public procurers, and individual consumers are interested in products from sustainably managed forests, and express their preference for products made using FSC materials. FSC’s chain of custody certification ensures that these materials are identified and tracked from the forest to the consumer, either as 100% pure, or mixed in a verified and transparent way with controlled or recycled materials. Currently, more than 54.000 companies, organised under 30.000+ FSC CoC certificates, form the supply chains that provide consumers with these products.

FSC is a membership organisation and is recognized for its unique governance system, where environmental, social, and economic actors work together in a balanced multi-stakeholder system to agree how we define responsible forest management and control products from it. Our credibility and transparency is maintained by third-party certification bodies – accredited by a specialized international accreditation organisation – which grant FSC forest management and chain of custody certificates, control and monitor performance, demand corrective actions where necessary, and withdraw certificates when companies no longer comply with certification requirements.

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