The Sprint to 2020

TFA 2020 Annual Report 2018

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Section One

Message from the Chair of the Steering Committee

We know that protecting the world’s forests is critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. Avoiding further deforestation could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by three to four billion metric tons per year – the equivalent of taking half the world’s cars off the road. In fact, natural climate solutions represent 37% of cost effective emissions reductions by 2030 but are not getting sufficient attention or investment.

And action is needed now, which is why private-sector commitments to remove deforestation from corporate supply chains by 2020 are so vital. With less than 1000 days to go, we must accelerate our efforts to implement these commitments, by concentrating on the most promising pathways, including those laid out by the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 in its Commodities and Forests Agenda 2020. The Agenda 2020 defines ten priority areas for company executives, policy makers and civil society leaders to action their efforts to end commodity-driven deforestation.

It shows that coordinated action at scale can deliver extraordinary results, which is why TFA 2020 has spent the last year rallying Partners around these priorities. The strength of TFA 2020 is convening a community with purpose to identify key local challenges and solutions, and bringing experts from around the world to turn ideas into action, both at the global and the regional level.

The Alliance now includes 145 Partners, over 40 who joined in the last year. They include business, civil society, national and subnational governments, and many new partners such as the World Cocoa Foundation and Ceres.

In the past year, a national TFA 2020 platform was launched in Colombia, and four Implementation Dialogues were held to accelerate jurisdictional approaches in Brazil, Indonesia, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire, with further Implementation Dialogues in the works for Malaysia, Colombia and the ten countries now engaged in the Africa Palm Oil Initiative (APOI). An assessment of progress, summarized in this Annual Report, shows these initiatives are having real impact.

Tropical deforestation is a complex problem tied to sustainable rural development, food security and climate change, but we cannot let this complexity stop us. We must capture the momentum we have, engage the community we have built and redouble our efforts on the sprint to 2020.

Jeff Seabright
Chief Sustainability Officer, Unilever
Chair, TFA 2020 Steering Committee

Section Two

An Alliance for Deforestation-Free Supply Chains

Section Three

Commodities and Forests Agenda 2020

Section Four

The State of the Supply Chain Movement: Progress on Corporate Commitments and Impact at the Forest Frontier

Section Five

Year at a Glance

  • 21-22 March 2017

    Brasília, Brazil

    TFA 2020 General Assembly 2017

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    The General Assembly 2017 brought together more than 200 participants from the global forest community for knowledge and best practice exchange and discussions about the strategic priorities for TFA 2020 on the road to 2020. The Minister of Environment of Brazil and the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Congo gave keynote addresses. The State of Mato Grosso became the first sub-national government to join TFA 2020 and the Republic of Congo signed the Marrakesh Declaration.

  • 6 July 2017

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    South East Asia Regional Consultation Workshop for the Commodities and Forests Agenda 2020

  • 11 July 2017

    São Paulo, Brazil

    Latin America Regional Consultation Workshop for the Commodities and Forests Agenda 2020

  • 8 August 2017

    Accra, Ghana

    Africa Regional Consultation Workshop for the Commodities and Forests Agenda 2020

  • 18-19 September 2017

    New York, United States

    World Economic Forum Sustainable Development Impact Summit 2017

  • 20 September 2017

    New York, United States

    Climate Week NYC: Going All-In to Address Commodity-Driven Deforestation

  • 26 September 2017

    Balikpapan, Indonesia

    South East Asia Implementation Dialogue - South Sumatra & Central Kalimantan

  • 12 October 2017

    Libreville, Gabon

    TFA 2020 Africa Regional Meeting 2017

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    Co-hosted by TFA 2020, Proforest and WWF- Gabon, with the support of the Government of Gabon, the Africa Regional Meeting was opened by Prime Minister Emmanuel Issoze-Ngondet. The Government of Gabon issued a renewed statement of commitment to become a leader in the production of sustainable palm oil. The Cocoa and Forests Initiative was introduced to the community to encourage the alignment of efforts focused on deforestation in the cocoa and palm oil supply chains.

  • 13 October 2017

    Libreville, Gabon

    Africa Palm Oil Initiative Regional Meeting 2017

  • 19 October 2017

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    TFA 2020 South East Asia Regional Meeting 2017

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    The annual meeting of the South East Asia TFA 2020 partners focused on supporting smallholder farmers, jurisdictional approaches, and peatland restoration efforts, and featured a keynote by Sarwono Kusumaatmadja, the Chairman of the Advisory Council for Climate Change for the Government of Indonesia.

  • 2 November 2017

    Geneva, Switzerland

    Fall Steering Committee Meeting

  • 15 November 2017

    London, United Kingdom

    Latin America Implementation Dialogue - Preparatory Meeting for Mato Grosso & Pará

  • 23 November 2017

    Bonn, Germany

    Forest Action Day at UNFCCC COP23

  • 28 November 2017

    Bogotá, Colombia

    Launch of TFA 2020 Colombia Alliance

  • 25 January 2018

    Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

    TFA 2020 Partners Meeting at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2018

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    Global leaders including the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, Al Gore, Christiana Figueres, the Chairman and CEO of Cargill, David MacLennan, the Head of the Peatland Restoration Agency of Indonesia, Nazir Foead and the CEO of The Nature Conservancy, Mark Tercek led an interactive discussion among the senior representatives of more 50 TFA 2020 Partners and friends highlighting the urgent need for action on the sprint to 2020 and to elevate the forest agenda on the global stage.

  • 12 March 2018

    São Paulo, Brazil

    Latin America Implementation Dialogue - Mato Grosso, São Paulo & Pará

  • 13 March 2018

    Sao Paulo, Brazil

    TFA 2020 Latin America Regional Meeting 2018

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    The regional meeting was developed in close collaboration with key partners and coalitions in Latin America, including Partnerships for Forests, the Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture, IDH and the Collaboration for Forests and Agriculture, reinforcing the need for urgent action. Over 40 speakers and more than 160 participants discussed how to strengthen collective action in six priority areas to meet Latin America’s zero deforestation goals and to contribute to global commitments.

  • 19 April 2018

    Jambi, Indonesia

    South East Asia Implementation Dialogue - Jambi

  • 26-27 April 2018

    Geneva, Switzerland

    Joint TFA 2020-NYDF Meeting: Actions to Accelerate Progress on 2020 Commitments

  • 11 May 2018

    Beijing, People’s Republic of China

    Greening Commodity Supply Chains in Emerging Markets: China Deep-Dive Workshop

  • 14 May 2018

    Accra, Ghana

    Africa Implementation Dialogue - Ghana & Côte d’Ivoire

  • 15-16 May 2018

    Accra, Ghana

    TFA 2020 General Assembly 2018

  • 17 May 2018

    Accra, Ghana

    Africa Palm Oil Initiative Regional Meeting 2018

Section Six

TFA 2020 General Assembly

May 2018, Accra, Ghana

With less than 1000 days left to meet the goal of zero deforestation in commodity supply chains by 2020, over 250 participants from governments, the private sector and civil society convened in Accra, Ghana in May 2018 for the TFA 2020 General Assembly. Participants used the event as an opportunity to discuss how to accelerate action on stopping commodity-driven deforestation, to share experiences and best practices, and to catalyse and energize new and existing action-oriented partnerships.

Section Seven

Regional Updates: Africa

Section Eight

Regional Updates: Latin America

Section Nine

Regional Updates: South East Asia

Section Ten

Stirring Giants: Financial Institutions and Emerging Markets