As a major global supplier of forest risk commodities, such as palm oil and paper & pulp, Southeast Asia is critical to demonstrating evidences of sustainable land use impact that combines forest protection and economical growth.

Increasing number of companies that produce or source agricultural or forest commodities in the region have committed to eliminate deforestation from their supply chains by 2020 and are moving towards implementation. In addition, Governments of Southeast Asian nations, local and provincial governments, NGOs, Indigenous Peoples organizations are now focusing on how to reduce deforestation and forest fire in a manner that boost economic growth and people’s well-being.

The Southeast Asia Initiative aims to accelerate the above mentioned transitions through four main workstreams namely:

  • Bolstering international sustainable investment in Southeast Asia’s economies
  • Supporting smallholder farmers and independent third party suppliers
  • Championing a new narrative for deforestation-free growth
  • Support on peat restoration efforts in Indonesia

The Southeast Asia Initiative consist of a working group of multistakeholder regional and global partners, who connect through the TFA 2020 digital collaboration platform and through monthly conference calls to meet the jointly work on the four workstreams.