The Tropical Forest Alliance 2020’s theory of change, developed by its founding members, envisions success through a series of multi-stakeholder initiatives. The first initiative launched by TFA 2020 was the Africa Palm Oil initiative, currently on-going, targeted at the development and implementation of regional principles for responsible palm oil development in West and Central Africa.

With the establishment of the full time TFA 2020 Secretariat in June 2015, TFA 2020 underwent a strategy development exercise to identify key focus areas for additional initiatives. The strategy development was conducted with support from partners such as the Global Canopy Programme and ProForest, as well as wider TFA2020 partner interviews, TFA 2020 Secretariat, and in close collaboration with the TFA2020 Steering Committee. This research fed into the strategic context for TFA 2020 portion of the TFA 2020 Annual Report 2015-16 available here.

It also, along with TFA 2020 partner consensus concluded that TFA 2020 would focus on 3 regional initiatives and 3 global initiatives to help reach its goals. The regional outlook ones – Africa Palm Oil initiative, Brazil initiative and Indonesia initiative – focusing on regional transformations through effective cross-sector partnerships. The other three initiatives concentrate on specific themes essential for transformation at the global level. More information one each is available in the below detailed pages.

If you would like more information or would like to get involved, please contact the TFA 2020 Secretariat here.

Financial Sector Engagement Initiative

The objective of the Financial Sector Engagement initiative is to increase the engagement of the banking and finance sector in the […]

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Better Growth with Forests

Reframing the debate: Better Growth without deforestation initiative is about championing a new narrative for deforestation-free growth and increasing practical […]

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Latin America Initiative

Latin America is a region of great complexity and potential for deforestation-free commodities development. TFA 2020 Partners have chosen to […]

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Southeast Asia Initiative

As a major global supplier of forest risk commodities, such as palm oil and paper & pulp, Southeast Asia is […]

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Africa Palm Oil Initiative

A Iniciativa do Óleo de Palma Africano (POI – Africa Palm Oil Initiative) do TFA 2020 é a primeira e única Iniciativa Assinada (Signature Initiative). O POI reúne parceiros e colaboradores do TFA 2020 de governos, empresas, da sociedade civil e de comunidades indígenas.

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