TFA 2020 is a global public-private partnership. Its governance serves the needs of partners from three sectors: business, government, and civil society. Specifically, TFA 2020 is committed to reducing tropical deforestation related to key global commodities by 2020, starting with soy, beef, palm oil, and paper and pulp. Its governance has this mission at its core.

TFA 2020 is an inclusive alliance, criteria for becoming a partner are designed to be simple and attainable by entities that share its mission, goals and objectives, with partners actively involved in programmes and initiatives to end commodity-driven tropical deforestation. The governance structure allows the organization to adapt as TFA 2020 matures.


TFA 2020 Partners

Partners, including institutions, organizations, companies and governments, commit to and support the mission and goals of TFA 2020;a list of TFA2020 partners can be found here. The TFA2020 partners formally meet annual at the TFA 2020 General Assembly, more information about the 2016 TFA2020 General Assembly, can be found under events.


Steering Committee

The TFA 2020 Steering Committee is a sub-set of the General Assembly that is selected to make management decisions on behalf of TFA 2020.

TFA 2020 is managed by a steering committee with a total of 20 individuals, composed of:

  • Four representatives from the for-profit private sector; two from consuming companies and two from producing companies. An effort should be made to have all four key TFA 2020 commodities represented through the selection of these members
  • Four civil society organizations; two from international civil society organizations and two from civil society organizations based in a tropical forested country
  • Eight governments; four from developed/consuming/donor countries and four from developing/producing/forested countries
  • Two indigenous and local people representatives
  • Director of the TFA 2020 secretariat
  • Ex-officio secretariat host representative


TFA 2020 Secretariat

The TFA 2020 Secretariat is a neutral coordinating platform responsible for coordinating and facilitating the alliance. It draws together companies and government partners to the TFA 2020 effort and helps analyze the economic potential of public and corporate no-deforestation policies as a catalyst for projects and initiatives in countries and across supply chains. The extended secretariat includes 3 regional coordinators based in the tropical forest country regions.